Man In The Middle - A New York Times Best Seller!
(Sean Drummond Series - Book 6)

Over View
The question Congress wants answered is, who cooked up the evidence that led our nation to war on phony premises?  Specifically, the Iraqi nuclear progress that turned out not to exist. The stockpiles of chemical weapons that have never been found. The terrorist connections that haven't materialized... Clifford Daniels knew where the truth is buried.
For newly promoted Army lieutenant colonel Sean Drummond, his latest assignment starts off simply enough: find out if the death of one of D.C.'s most influential defense officials was murder or suicide.  Most investigators would call it a cut-and-dried case, but
nothing is ever that simple.
Teamed with Brian Tran, the attractive Army Military Police officer investigating the case, Drummond is about to embark on a journey that takes him from the labyrinthine channels of
American intelligence to the killing rooms of Iraq.  None of it will be more difficult than navigating the shadowy minds and motivations of his enemies and so-called colleagues.

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