Mortal Allies  
(Sean Drummond Series - Book 2)

Hailed by the San Francisco Chronicle for its unexpected plotting, and moral ambiguity.  Drummond ventures abroad to tackle a volatile murder case with unexpected global consequences.
Brilliant, brash, and politically incorrect, Major Sean Drummed is the right an for the job.  The venue is faraway South Korea.  The crime is shocking by any standards, East or West. Three American
soldiers--one an officer--were seen entering a Seoul apartment party with a young Korean Male.  The officer--now Drummond's client--is charged with strangling the Korean, and with crimes even more heinous.  Ominously, the victim happens to be the son of a venerated war hero currently serving
as South Korea's defense minister.
But it gets even better. Drummond finds himself paired with his old law school rival, Katherine Carlson, a consummate legal brawler whose specialty is defending controversial clients. Almost immediately, Drummond is locking horns with her on issues of strategy and principle, and wondering what
to make of her conflicting sexual signals. Before he knows it, he's in way over his head--the odd man out on a legal team that is antagonizing the diplomatic corps, grandstanding in the international press, and encountering lethal resistance.
Struggling to stay on top of all the maneuvers, Drummond must duel with his attractive co-counsel in a tantalizing contest of wits...while confronting the machinations of a vast conspiracy that seeks to destroy him. Threatened--and seduced--by "allies" who may not be who they seem, Drummond will be forced to take dangerous risks to establish, once and for all, who his friends are...and who's trying to kill him.

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