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Summer Newsletter - June 2013

  • Remembering My Friend Vince Flynn
  • Daemen College Speaking Appearance
  • Dickinson College Speaking Appearance
  • The Capital Game's Success
  • New Books with Vince Flynn
  • Spy Games Featured in ON PATROL
  • The Hunted
  • Sean Drummond

Remembering My Friend Vince Flynn
I cannot be sadder to learn that Vince Flynn recently passed away from complications due to prostate cancer.  Vince was 47, handsome, vigorous, imaginative, generous, worldly, a first class patriot, and a true friend.  As a young man he aspired to become a Marine Corps fighter pilot until he was disqualified by old sports injuries--a loss as great to Vince as it was to the Marines as he in every way personified the motto of a few good men.  He then tried his hand at business before he got the odd itch to write.  His first book was rejected by more publishers than you could count so with classic Irish stubbornness he self-published and marketed the books out of the trunk of his car.  Perhaps this explains all the help he persistently offered aspiring new writers seeking advice and blurbs for their books.  He quickly rose to the top of best selling writers by becoming a strong conservative voice and a compelling storyteller.  He created the perfect hero for the times and dove into the most nettlesome issues in the War on Terror.

A few years ago Vince contacted me about writing a new series together. Being a huge fan of his books, and knowing his reputation, naturally I said yes.  I cannot begin to describe what a joy it was to work with Vince. You would expect that two strong-willed writers trying to hammer out a single book would be a head-butting bargain, if not a replay of the War of Roses.  It was anything but.  You learn a lot about a man when your write a book together and Vince was all that I described in my opening thoughts, but also immensely creative and instantly decisive.  The deal was that we would use my name on the cover, but his picture on the jacket copy--a win-win for me.  Unfortunately we learned at the start of the process that Vince had cancer.  At times it was very painful and discomforting yet he fought through it like the champion he was.  He never complained.  He never gave up.  He remained hopeful and full of staunch Catholic faith right to the end.  Unfortunately that end has come all too soon.

I was privileged to call Vince a good friend and will always be happy that I got the chance to know him. My thoughts are with the Lysa and their three children whom he loved so much.  His fans are deprived of his wisdom and great stories, his friends of his enchanting company, but his family are deprived of so much more.

Brian speaks at Daemen College

Author, Military Strategist, Fox News Contributor  Brian Haig Will Speak at Daemen College  Fiction Explains Things Non-Fiction Can’t  Monday, April 15, 2013 at 3pm  Wick Social Room | Daemen College  4380 Main Street, Amherst. See the Brochure HERE

Brian speaks at Dickinson College
Fiction Explains Things Nonfiction Can’t:
Fiction Explains Things Nonfiction Can’t: Brian recently was a guest at Dickinson College where he discussed the impact of fiction on how readers understand their political and social worlds and how this understanding can shape their conduct and hence our future. Watch the video HERE

The Capital Game - Hits New York Times Best Seller List
The Capitol Game just hit the New York Times bestseller list for the second week in a row, and I want to thank all of you for buying and reading it.  And special thanks if you've recommended my book to your family and friends, or say, perhaps, to people wandering past you in the local mall, or even to the police officer who just pulled you over and is giving you a ticket.  I know of one enthusiastic reader who actually put a bumper sticker on her car saying "Haig for the Pulitzer Prize" ... Lisa, my wife, has such a wacky sense of humor.  Anyway, the reviews of Capitol Game have been almost uniformally great, excepting one review house that went bankrupt last year, and failed to take the hint and stay that way.  So if you've already read Capitol Game, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  And if not, I advise you to get it now, before the onset of Global Warming.

New Books with Vince Flynn
On another front, I recently signed a contract with Vince Flynn to co-write two thrillers.  Vince, if you don't already know, is one of the top thriller writers on the planet--with good reason--and also a great guy and a great American patriot.  For instance, the first time I met Vince it was a meeting we squeezed in before he and his wonderful wife had to rush off to attend a charity event for Wounded Warriors.  Needless to say, he made a great first impression.  I have been an avid reader and admirer of his series about Mitch Rapp from the beginning, and could not be more pleased by this chance to work with Vince.  The idea is to launch a new series and I'm confident that it's going to be wonderful and gripping.  If you haven't already read Vince books, I highly recommend them

Spy Games Featured in ON PATROL
See Brian's most recent article "SPY GAMES How the Allies Played the Enemy" in the summer 2010 issue of ON PATROL, the magazine of the USO.  Click HERE for the full article

The Hunted
A lot of you have written to say you enjoyed The Hunted, a story inspired by the true tale of my friend, Alex Konanykhin. And some have asked how you can get Alex's autobiographical book to see how much of The Hunted hews to fact, and how much is the product of a particularly perverse imagination: try http://defiancethebook.com and you can download an electronic version. It's a great book about a wonderful couple that overcame stupefying obstacles through grit, determination, and love. The real story is even more harrowing than the one I wrote. I highly recommend it.

Sean Drummond
Others have written that they miss Sean Drummond and wish I'd quit this stand-alone nonsense and get back to writing about his adventures. To those who feel that way, I very much appreciate your affection for those books and his character. I'm not done with Sean Drummond, but my publisher really likes the stand-alones and is encouraging me to do more. Translation; Sean was not selling all that well, and a stand-alone breakthrough is my only hope of putting the kids through college.

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