Private Sector
(Sean Drummond Series - Book 4)
"A must-read thriller writer...A star." - John Sandford

Over View
Army lawyer Sean Drummond is loaned out to a law firm whose #1 client may have ties to a vicious serial killer and a massive international crime ring. 
Wherever Sean Drummond goes, it seems that the JAG officer leaves a trail of political fallout in his wake.  So when his superiors get an opportunity to loan him to a prestigious law firm, they jump on it, hoping he'll soak up the nuances of civilian lawyering.  But almost immediately, dark clouds appear when Sean's predecessor in the loan-out program is murdered.  Then Sean begins to sense something amiss with the firm's biggest client, a telecom behemoth with large defense contracts. 
Now, he must survive in D.C.'s buttoned-down lawyer culture long enough to stop the
killer, and long enough to discover why his firm and its top client are
willing to kill anyone who gets in their way.

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