Secret Sanction

(Sean Drummond Series - Book 1)
"Terrific...a completely fresh and original thriller." - Nelson DeMille

Over View
Sean Drummond is a maverick attorney who cloaks his expertise with smart-mouthed self-deprecation and cynicism.  One of the Army's most brilliant lawyers, he's also seen his share
of infantry fighting, and when a military scandal causes a global outcry,
the brass pick Drummond to head the investigation.
In a remote war at Europe's center, somebody has committed a cold-blooded massacre-thirty-five victims shot in the head at close range, execution style. The world media blames a U.S. Special
Forces team assigned to the region. But Drummond can't take on faith the testimony of the accused Green Berets who protest their innocence. Then, in quick succession, a mole inside Drummond's team leaks information to the Oval ambitious reporter digs up a dangerous secret from
Drummond's past...and a brutal murder takes place alarmingly close to home.
Forced into an uneasy alliance with Captain Lisa Morrow, the Army's best defense lawyer, Drummond uncovers a vast conspiracy of frightening proportions. And the deeper he probes, the more he discovers how duty, honor, and country can clash--in ways both deadly and heartrending.
With richly layered characters and a mesmerizing plot that moves at breakneck speed, SECRET SANCTION cast a searching light into the darkest corners of the human psyche. In a voice unmistakable seasoned by years of Army service, Brian Haig has created a landmark novel.

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