The King Maker
(Sean Drummond Series - Book 3)

Over View:
“Listen Drummond, your client betrayed this country in ways too horrible to contemplate…He only gave the Russians names, he also exposed the inner workings of our foreign policy. In the history of espionage, there’s never been one like him.
"With his blockbuster novels Secret Sanction and Mortal Allies, Brian Haig introduced a fresh new face to fans of legal thrillers: Major Sean Drummond. Now Haig’s brazen JAG attorney with the self-deprecating sense of humor is back in the most important case of his career. This time it starts on home turf in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where Sean is called upon—begged, actually—to defend Brigadier General William T. Morrison in the biggest treason case in United States history. Up against the fiercest prosecutor in the Army, Drummond may be in way over his head. Yet, Morrison and his CIA executive wife, Mary, won’t consider anyone else for the job. And Drummond is finding it hard to say no—especially since Mary just happens to be an old flame.
Fighting a list of charges that starts with treason and perjury and ends with two counts of murder, Drummond is going to need a lot more than the confidence of those counting on him. What he gets is Katrina Mazorski—a Russian-speaking co-counsel like no other. With her skintight, black leather pants and pierced navel, she is the antithesis of a buttoned-down lawyer. But as Drummond soon learns, there’s more to Katrina than her looks. With his no-nonsense, quick-to-the-quip assistant at his side, he embarks on an investigation that will rattle authorities in both Washington and Moscow and unearth a damning array of secrets and cover-ups. Always, there seems to be a deeper layer, a broader significance to even the smallest event…and behind the scenes, someone who is masterfully pulling the strings, someone who doesn’t care who or what goes up in flames—as long as Morrison burns…

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